How Is Stress Related To Weight

Have you ever noticed that people tend to gain weight when they are stressed? Well, there is scientific evidence that proves stress is related to weight gain, and stress can be a major cause of excess fat in your body. If you want to find out how stress can affect your weight, here is what you should know!

Your Cortisol Levels Make You Hungrier

Firstly, our body is more likely to be hungrier than usual whenever we are stressed. This is why brands like Recharge PM Pills often address stress in our bodies to help us lose weight.

Normally, our body will start making us crave sugar when we feel stressed. Typically, this is because our bodies are looking for an energy source, and sugar and other carbohydrates are what our bodies will look for during these times.

However, eating too much sugar will make our bodies store the extra sugar as fat, and this fat is often kept in our lower bellies. This type of belly fat is one of the most difficult types of fat to burn.

Moreover, this will often become a cycle for people who do not manage their stress with Recharge PM burner and lifestyle changes. If you allow it to continue, you will get stressed, eat more, gain weight, and repeat.

Your Cortisol Levels Ruin Your Sleeping Patterns

Another way that stress can change your weight may be surprising, but your stress levels can affect your sleep. For instance, people with high cortisol levels tend to find it hard to go to sleep, making them toss and turn around for hours until they can sleep.

Moreover, high stress levels can fragment your sleep and harm the overall quality of your sleep. Therefore, your body may not reach deep levels of sleep, so you will feel tired when you wake up.

Your sleep is crucial to losing weight because people who sleep 4 hours a night or less often have larger appetites and hunger levels. As such, you are more likely to have bigger cravings when you are stressed and tired.

High Cortisol Levels Slow Down Metabolism

So, let us say you have high stress levels but avoid your cravings for sugary foods and other unhealthy snacks. Some people can still gain weight regardless when they are stressed because stress slows down metabolism.

Generally, many studies have shown that people who are stressed before their meals tend to burn fewer calories. This is likely because your body is reacting to your stress as a “fight or flight” response. When your body thinks there is danger, your body naturally clings on to more fat for survival. 


Many of us know that stress is not good for our bodies, but stress can also affect your weight. High stress levels can make you gain weight because stress increases your appetite, ruins your sleep, and slows your metabolism.

However, it is difficult to avoid stress altogether. That is why supplements such as Recharge PM burner can help you burn fat while managing your stress levels.